Watkins Cleaners has been a fixture in the City of Birmingham for almost a half a century. Since opening in 1956, we at Watkins still strive to serve the community with the highest quality of dry cleaning on a consistent basis while earning and keeping customer confidence and loyalty.


Our Commitment

Our goal is to offer the highest quality, best service, and attention to detail that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations. We have assembled a team of professionals that truly care about the needs of our customers. Because of our unparalleled attention to our customers, Watkins Cleaners has been awarded "Birmingham's Best Drycleaner" by Birmingham's Best Magazine during the last ten years. Our continual growth is an indication of the level of satisfaction and confidence our customers have in our service.


The Environment

Watkins Cleaners is an environmentally concerned Textile Cleaner. We are a "Certified Environmental Drycleaner" that uses textile cleaning machinery manufactured in Germany that is made to meet German environmental standards and regulations. Unlike most cleaners that use perchloroethylene, we use a "Hydrocarbon" solvent which is a non-toxic solvent that is extremely gentle on delicate fabrics, beadwork, sequins, and leather trim. The Sierra Club has listed Watkins Cleaners as an "Environmentally Safe Drycleaner."


These are some of our special features that distinguish our personalized service:

  • All garments are barcoded for identification
  • Fancy & Delicate buttons are removed & re-attached for cleaning
  • Any minor sewing repairs are made Free of Charge
  • All garments are hand finished to prevent seam impressions
  • Pleats and linings are hand finish
  • Suit & Sport Coats are returned on contoured hangers to retain shape
  • Sleeves and collars are stuffed with tissue
  • Sweaters are lined with tissue to retain shape and reduce hanger marks
  • Skirts and slacks are hung on padded pinch hangers to reduce clip marks
  • Clothes are inspected thoroughly before returned to you
  • Garments are bagged individually for best protection

It is our goal to have a completely satisfied customer. We are committed to being the highest quality dry cleaners in Birmingham, where we believe the customerís confidence is of utmost importance.