Helpful Hints

At The Time of Purchase:

Read care labels and hang tags them

Question salespeople before making your purchase.

Be sure of decoration...keep it simple...due to the mechanical action, fancy decorations may not stand up during the normal cleaning procedure.

Buy from reputable stores.

At The Time of Wearing:

Wear a scarf around your neck to prevent the garment from becoming soiled by skin oils.

Avoid cleaning fluids, shoe creams and saddle soaps.

Never apply a name tag sticker to you leather coat. The adhesive will damage the dye.

Do not allow a leather garment to become oversoiled. (Most people have a tendency to wear split-cowhide garments far too long which creates heavy ingrained soil.) Remember...age sets spots and stains. Garments should be cleaned by a professional suede and leather cleaners.

Wet garments should be allowed to dry out naturally. DO NOT PUT THE GARMENT IN HEAT. After drying, a high density type sponge will raise the nap again. If the wet garment is dirty, it may need professional cleaning.

Grained leathers may be cleaned by wiping with mild soap and lukewarm water and then drying and buffing with a soft cloth. Suedes can be brushed cleaned with a sponge, rubber brush or special suede brush. Heavily soiled suedes should be professionally cleaned.

At The Time of Cleaning:

Genuine suede and leather requires special processing to preserve finish, feel and color. Therefore, you should take your garment to a professional suede and leather cleaner equipped for this type of cleaning.

Care labels and hang tags should accompany your suede or leather garment when taken to be cleaned.

Unless all pieces of a multi-piece outfit are processed at the same time, there cannot be a guarantee that they will match after cleaning.

Advise your cleaner of stains or spots, whether visible or not. They will then know how best to handle your garment.