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Our drivers pick up and deliver,
right to your doorstep.


Cleaned and pressed clothes, delivered to your front door.

If you have regular, consistent dry cleaning and laundering needs, we can make it almost effortless for you with our route service. With free pickup and delivery, it’s an affordable solution for all your dry cleaning and laundering needs.

To set up scheduled pick up and delivery:

Call (205) 823-0874
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Watkins Bags

Your clothes delivered regularly to your front door.

We serve most of the over-the-mountain communities and also Ross Bridge. Once you have set up an account, we’ll provide laundry bags for you and determine the safest, most protected place at your home for pickup and delivery.

You will leave your dirty items out in the bag, we will pick them up and dry clean and launder them according to your specific instructions. We’ll return your cleaned, laundered and pressed items — and pick up the next batch of dirty — exactly one week later. Forget about rushing to the cleaners before it closes to pick up your shirts or drop off an item. As a route service customer, you’ll have the meticulously cleaned and pressed clothes you need delivered regularly to your front door.

There’s a $25 per week minimum to become a route customer.

Call (205) 823-0874 Email Evan@WatkinsCleaners.com

Give us a try – you won’t be disappointed.

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